Georg and I enjoyed the 2 days in London very much and we want to thank you for your hard work before, between and after this marvellous events.
Of course our thanks goes also to the Directors; they really did a fantastic job. We enjoyed the beautiful setting ofthe Ballroom, the fabulous sound of the Band, the wonderful dancing of the Couples and last but not least the great hospitality of the organizer! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

Mechtild Trautz & Georg

Just a congratulatory note to everyone concerned with the super event. If only that atmosphere could be available for competitors and attendees everywhere! What a difference we would see in the dancing. Anyway – the dream was realized and dare we hope that, at some point in the future, it could happen again!

Peter Eggleton

Please extend my respect and pride to the Directors. It was a WONDERFUL event and I so admire them for having the guts. I was so terribly proud of them.

Donnie Burns

The Friday evening is an unbelievable experience for us; of course dancing to Ashley and the orchestra but also to have a social evening dancing with our colleagues. And ler me dancing with David! It certainly was a Ball and a very special one-off evening that you go home from smiling and happy. We are very gratetul to the directors ot the London Ball for having the opportunity to experience this evening.
After judging the compelition on the Saturday I reflecled on how satisfying it was to really have time to judge – thank you! The couples were enjoying dancing and were so supportive of dancers in other heats it was wonderful to witness. The live music, which sounded even better in the InterContinental Hotel than at Blackpool, was obviously the biggest contributing factor for this but I also believe it comes from Bryan and Carmen compering and giving enlhusiasm (and advice).
Both days were excellent and I am afraid I do not have any comments on how to make it better! I hope it grows and develops as you deserve.
Thank you for your hard work once again trom David and myself.

Denise Weavers

On behalf of Alan and I, we also thank-you and all the Directors for a wonderful event, superbly organized and presented. I am most sorry I missed the Friday evening, I heard I missed a great night. Good luck for the continuance of what hopefully can become a bigger part of the dancers calendar.

Alan and Hazel Fletcher