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THE LONDON BALL – “Utopia or Dance”
The London Ball is the idealists Heaven. The Philosophy and ethos of this event is so pure and transparent that it marked celebration of all that is great about the art of competitive Ballroom Dancing. Everyone in the profession should be supporting this event, for, at it’s very heart, is the dearest feature to us all – the love of dance!

During the Ball on Friday evening, the atmosphere was delightfully warm and I felt a spirit of unity and harmony that was truly magnificent and enjoyed by everyone present. The Empress Orchestra was simply stunning to listen 10 during dinner, and an even greater inspiration during the general dancing, where everyone had so much fun! I have never heard this orchestra play or sound better. The interpretation of the saxophonist playing the foxtrot “Splanky”, blew me away for it’s power, and I had to tear my eyes away form the dancing to watch the famous “Trevor Lips”!. With Champagne flowing and a gourmet dinner, fit for a king, this has to be one of the greatest nights in the Social Dancing Calendar!

To Carmen, Irina, Bryan, Andrew and Hans, the organization was truly wonderful and congratulations on a magnificent event. Everything was first class, from the choice of venue, to the selection of all “World Champion” adjudicators. On a personal note, I rember seeing Rudi and Mechtild Trautz demonstrating at the studio where I learned to dance when I was about 6 or 7. To see Mechtild adjudicate again today gave me such a special feeling, and, along with all the other the adjudicating legends of the Ballroom, created a sensation of being enveloped in nostalgic security and history.
Everyone present at this event was there for the love, preservation and perpetuation of freedom in Ballroom Dancing, and the atmosphere created by the warmth and support for all the couples by Bryan and Carmen on the stage, was akin to coming “home”.

Anne Gleave

For me it was the “perfect event”. Thanks a lot for organizing so well. All of you did a great, world-champion-like job too! 🙂 Have a great time.

Bianka Schreiber

I must say that I really enjoyed the Landen Ball, and was very impressed with everything.
Of course it makes a difference when you have 4 past champions making decisions and not an organiser trying 10 make money. I thought that the presence of Andrew, Hans, Bryan and Carmen gave the competition the prestige that is sadly lacking at many events. I also thought that Bryan and Carmen were great comperes and gave the whole day a warmth and sincerity.
Probably the most important thing with the event is the inclusion of the Empress Orchestra conducted by Ashley Frohliek. Any dancer will tell you that to dance to live music is inspirational, and adds something really special for both the dancers and the spectators. It brings a touch of history to the event and makes it a most memorable occasion.
Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to Andrew, Hans, Bryan and Carmen for organising a wonderful competition.

Stephen Hiliier

Both Karen & I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the wonderful Dinner Dance on the Friday evening, great food, wonderful wine and perfect company!! Not to mention the super music and the dancing!!!!
We enjoyed the competition again on the Saturday, once more the music was inspirational and the dancing and ambience perfect!!
With regard to comments and suggestions for the future of the London Ball we think it is a wonderful event at a perfect time in the dancers calendar.

Marcus and Karen Hiltan MBE